Washing your Dog to Keep Him Clean and Happy

Dogs are an important member of the family, but they require an awful lot of attention. You will need to care for them like they are a child. You need to feed them, walk them, and of course clean them. Dogs can get very messy when running around outside, especially when the weather is bad. This guide will look at how you can wash your dog without soaking your entire house.


First things first, you need to get everything that you need ready to wash your dog. The right shampoo is vital. It’s important to note that you should be using specialist dog shampoo. Never use human shampoo on a dog, it is not designed for their fur and could potentially cause a lot of harm. If you have a certain breed of dog then you can buy specialist shampoos sometimes.

For example, if you have a bichon frisé or another dog with a white coat then it is possible to buy whitening shampoos that will keep their coats looking as white as possible.

Choosing Where to Bath

You will then need to carefully think about where you are going to bathe your dog. This will depend on how big your dog is, and what facilities you have available. If they are a small breed then you may be able to wash them in a basin, but if they are larger then you will need a bathtub. Either use your bathtub or buy a plastic baby bath to wash your dog in.

You will find it easier if you have a handheld shower since you can use this to wash the shampoo out of the dog’s fur. However, if you do not have a shower then you could also use a jug to pour water over the dog.


Dogs generally don’t like water, and most will try to shake to dry themselves off. For this reason, you need to be very patient, and also it’s a good idea to wear some old clothes. Don’t try to rush washing your dog since this will make it much worse the next time. You should be careful and patient so that you don’t stress your dog out. They may never enjoy a bath, but they shouldn’t dread it quite as much.

Self Service Dog Wash

If you don’t have anywhere suitable for washing a dog at home, or just don’t want to trash your bathroom then you should consider a self wash dog wash. This is where you use someone else’s facilities yourself. It’s fairly inexpensive and is a great way to clean your dog without getting water all over the walls at home. Many self-service dog washes also have dryers which will make it much easier to dry your dog’s fur after washing.

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