Types of plastic surgery in modern times

Plastic surgeries are believed to have been performed first in ancient Greek times. But in modern times plastic surgeries are very common in the movie and fashion industries. But sometimes common men and women also need to do plastic surgeries due to illness or birth disorders. There are many types of plastic surgeries and today we will learn each of them.


Perhaps the most common plastic surgery in human life. In this procedure, fat will be sucked out from a certain part of our body to make it slimmer. There are several types of liposuction like the most popular tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction, suction, air, and power-assisted liposuction.

Breast Enlargement (augmentation), Reduction, and Lift (Breast Job)

This process is done to enlarge smaller breasts or to make both breasts equal in size. Some people with the birth disorder that have no breast will also opt to make this breast augmentation procedure. This procedure will usually use silicone implants.

Breast reduction is normally done to people who have back pain or poor posture due to heavy and large breasts. Through this procedure, the breast size will be minimized and back pain and poor posture will be eliminated.

Breast lift is done when it becomes saggy due to old age, pregnancy, or weight loss. All three procedures will need about two weeks of recovery before going back to normal life


Dermabrasion is the process of removing the top layer of old skin to make the skin look healthier and smooth once healed. This procedure is usually done on conditions like crow’s feet, acne scars, wrinkles, sun-damaged skins, and age spots.


Also, known as tummy tuck is a process of removing surplus skin from the stomach area and tightening the remaining skin to make it look better. Usually done to people who had a pregnancy or those who lose weight after bariatric surgeries. Although this procedure effect is permanent, we need to take care of our weight to maintain it. This procedure usually takes about three weeks to heal fully.

Rhytidectomy, Rhinoplasty, and Blepharoplasty (Face Job)

These 3 procedure is always done at the same time but some people opt to do a single procedure at a time. Rhytidectomy is also known as a facelift is a process of removing wrinkles or sagging skin due to old age to make the face look younger and smoother.

Rhinoplasty is a process of correcting the nose posture. This is done to those who have abnormal noses due to birth defects or injuries. Sometimes, a nose job also can relieve breathing issues.

Blepharoplasty is a process of reducing the surplus skin in eyelids to make them younger or to improve our eye vision. All three procedures will take a few weeks to fully heal.

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