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PUBLIC SUMMER 2013 Launched

Category : Brooklyn, Exhibits, Public Summer 2013 Jul 19th, 2013

SUPERFRONT is pleased to launch our fourth annual PUBLIC SUMMER project featuring a temporary architecture pavilion and public programming in First Park on 1st Street and 2nd Ave near Houston in The Bowery. The pavilion and the programming are all built around the theme of “Urban Movement.”


SUPERFRONT’S PUBLIC SUMMER 2013 Pavilion Urban Forest was designed by architects Jieun Yang and Ji Young Kim. Urban Forest is a threshold where fast-paced urban life and the slow meandering of a natural oasis are extended and integrated. As a facilitator of public exchange and movement, the pavilion reflects the intimacy of bodily interaction and accentuates urban and community context. Urban Forest is a network of flexible responses to the changing time, weather, and environment that subverts the fixed nature of the architectural form and embraces the agility of urban life.

Comprised of three groves made from benches, reflective vertical poles and shading canopies the PUBLIC SUMMER pavilion takes into heavy consideration the role of movement in the urban environment around First Park and New York City in general. First Park, like many NYC parks, is intended to be a respite from urban life but as a result it takes on its own unique urban characteristic. While the benches provide seating for park visitors and program audiences the vertical poles are treated with a mirrored mylar finish to reflect their movement and the movement of the city throughout the day and the summer season. The canopies are rimmed with a phosphorescent material that absorbs UV radiation and glows in the evening.

Every year PUBLIC SUMMER offers emerging designers the opportunity to produce a temporary installation in New York City and host dynamic community programming that is free and open to the public. Urban Forest was selected from sixteen projects produced by young and emerging designers during an open charette in May, 2013.

Over the course of the summer the pavilion and its programming will help facilitate, subvert, encourage, obfuscate, and in other ways participate in the production of public culture and civic exchange. PUBLIC SUMMER 2013 is hosted in partnership with First Street Green with the support of NYC Parks.

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Saturday July 20 7-9pm
First Street Green Presenting: Movement Research + Play the Space
An evening of outdoor performances and experiment.

Sunday July 21 1-4pm
Clarisa Diaz
Workshop to create your own chalk stencils and record your experiences and aspirations for the public spaces of New York and the Urban Forest.

Friday July 26 6-8pm
The Architecture League
“Take a book, leave a book.”
A Pop-Up Little Free Library in First Park which explores the open source LFL/NYC designs recently released by the Architectural League of New York and PEN World Voices Festival! Meet some of the designers and community partners, read a book, visit the LFL’s, and take one of the designs back to your neighborhood.

Saturday July 27 1-4pm
Clarisa Diaz
Bring an object that defines what the Urban Forest is for you and create a public reliquary.

Sunday August 4 12-4pm
The Movement Creative
Come out and learn how to play in your parks and with your city.

Saturday August 10 6-8pm
Petra Kempf
Talk & workshop to graphically record the voices of the people who form and transform the urban construct by movement.

100 ON 100
Sunday August 11 1-5pm
ThinkDance: Jill Sigman & Mary Suk
A public conversation and interactive performance about what First Park and NYC will be like in 100 years.

Thursday August 15 6-8pm
Design Trust for Public Space
Celebrate the public spaces of NYC over food and drinks with a talk by PUBLIC SUMMER 2013 designers Jieun Yang and Ji Young Kim.

PUBLIC SUMMER 2013 is located at First Park in The Bowery:
33 East First Street, New York NY
1st Street and 2nd Ave near Houston
[F] to 2nd Avenue & Houston

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