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Public Summer 2011 Artist Profile: Shinkoyo

Category : Public Summer 2011 Aug 12th, 2011

This weekends Public Summer 2011 event features Shinkoyo, a Brooklyn and Oakland based media collective. Their performance this Sunday, entitled SOUNDCORRIDORS, will be a sound event utilizing the acoustics of the courtyard space in Industry City for sonic performance. Central to their project is spacialized sound. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask one of the organizers of the SOUNDCORRIDORS project, Doron Sadja, the following questions:

How did the group of artists involved in this piece come together?

The artists involved are all new york based sound artists whose work addresses spacial sound.

Are the artists working on the piece involved primarily with music and performance?

All artists are work primarily in music/sound.  Some do visual work as well, but there will be no visuals in this event except this wonderful space :)

How did you become interested in experimentation with sound waves and it’s relationship to architecture?

I think a lot of sound artists are really fascinated with architecture – everything from how you can create space with sound to how space can interact with sound.  Sound is a physical vibration: the shape and size of the room, the construction materials, even historical context – all change the physical and psychological characteristics of sound and its perception.

I also happen to have a personal interest in architecture – I spent a little time at SciArc in Los Angeles after studying music in undergrad – thinking that I may want to pursue a career in architecture.  I also used to work at the Schindler House in LA helping to organize a series of music events in the historic home of architect Rudolph Schindler.

What inspired the Sound Corridors project?

The space!  I checked out the space and totally fell in love – its a really unique space – especially in a city where we’re used to being crammed into tiny tiny spaces.  I have yet to test the acoustics of the space, but Im sure its really weird!

What is the creative process behind the SOUNDCORRIDORS project?

Well, its different for every artist involved.  However, the speaker placement will be essential to the event – and will dictate how each artist will be able to perform in and activate the space.  I hope to get in to the space early enough in the day to do some acoustical tests to see what works before settling on where the speakers will be.

Does it differ in any way from the West Nile, East Nile, and Silent Barn projects?

Well, all the listed projects were living/working/performance spaces.  This is very different in that it is a temporary performance space – and what happens there will be very focused.
Its also considerably larger than any of these other spaces – the first thing I did when I came to the loading dock in sunset park was try to figure out how many West Niles could fit in there :)  I think around 6….

All are welcome to come out and take part in this unique and fascinating performance this Sunday August 14th in Industry City, Sunset Park!