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Weightless Pull Opening This Sunday July 17th

Category : Event, Public Summer 2011 Jul 14th, 2011

SUPERFRONT is back this summer to emphasis a commitment to, not merely space for artist, but more generally public space. This year’s events will be taking place at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Industry City is emblematic of the political economy of urban space, that is: mass production. CO’s Weightless Pull in a sense interrogates the political economy of urban space, insofar as a central tenet of the installation is the emphasis on materials that are reusable and inexpensive. Hence, it can be suggested that Weightless Pull is a remark on not simply mass production, but also overproduction. Moreover, allowing the community members a space for expression through public art permits community members a voice. Therefore, Public Summer 2011 is not merely a host of events, but an opportunity to provoke a dialogue that questions the following: What does industrial space mean for the public? How does Weightless Pull help us to better understand what seems to be a paradoxical relationship between capitalist political economy (particularly, the incessant emphasis on growth) and our present ecological conditions concerning pollution, global warming, peak oil, etc? Public Summer 2011 is a space for the layperson (the artist, the consumer, the community member) to engage in a discourse about the waning of public space throughout New York City.

Come check out the opening of Weightless Pull this Sunday at 3pm in Industry City! (


Weightless Pull