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DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY travels from LA to Detroit

Category : Detroit, Los Angeles Jun 8th, 2011

SUPERFRONT is proud to announce that DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, an exhibit of art and conceptual architecture that focuses on Detroit as an urban situation of transformation, is traveling from SUPERFRONT LA to Detroit to be exhibited at Marygrove College this summer.

DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, an original interdisciplinary SUPERFRONT exhibit, considers Detroit both as a specific city and as a set of circumstances. Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study invites not so much a comparison of Detroit and Brooklyn but a calculated misreading. How and where might the logics or circumstances of Detroit operate in Brooklyn? At what scale of intervention or performance could Detroit and Brooklyn become indistinguishable?

This exhibit investigates Detroit as not only a given typology – the shrinking city, abandoned city, reclaimed city – but also as an everyday environment, as a specific place with specific moments. Through cartography, documentary video, architectural proposals, photography, painting and other media, DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY explores urban typology and local specificity between places both known and imagined. From intimately personal representations of Detroit to abstract mappings or urban-scale analogies, the exhibit produces a case study and one thread of an evolving dialog between Detroit and other cities.

This exhibit is enabled by the SUPERFRONT Board of Directors with generous support from Alan Bass, Daniel Gelb, Anne Guiney, and Amy Lucker. The exhibition is free and open to the public, and will take place in The Gallery on the fourth floor of the Liberal Arts Building at Marygrove College. Email for more information.