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SUPERtube Your City: Detroit

Category : Detroit May 16th, 2011


SUPERFRONT presents SUPERtube Your City: Detroit.


From May 16 – June 30 | Detroiters are invited to use YouTube as means to create a viral think tank. The project aims to enable citizens of Detroit to directly commission the efforts of creative designers without the centralized urban planning process. SUPERFRONT is launching this effort to use free web video resources as a means of fostering dialog between cities and producing collaboration around shared urban concerns.

You can contribute and be part of the traveling exhibit!

—> Pick one lot, one block, one neighborhood in Detroit. Make your 1-minute video there. Please pick topic A or B. Name your video SUPERtubeyourcityDetroit_Address_YourName

A) What’s one thing in Detroit you want to ask architects and urban planners to work on? If you could ask an architect, urban designer, or urban planner to design or re-design anything at the place where you are making your video, what would it be? Who would be served?

Please make it clear in the video exactly where you are with block number, street address, or neighborhood boundary.

B) You can also make a video to show architects, designers , and urban planners what already works – in one lot, one block, or one neighborhood in Detroit. Make a 1-minute video, showing what design success is under-reported at the place where you are making your video. What makes this place work so well? Whom does it serve?

Please make it clear in the video exactly where you are with block number, street address, or neighborhood boundary.

Upload exactly 1 minute of video to your account on YouTube, and email a link to your video to with SUPERTube in the subject line. Please send a link only. Video files sent to this address, and links to other online video services will not be reviewed or shown. Please remember to name your video SUPERtubeyourcityDetroit_Address_YourName.

All videos satisfying the SUPERTube format will be exhibited in Detroit this summer at Marygrove College during the exhibition of Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study. In the fall, Architects, urban designers, planners nationwide will be invited to respond with designed proposals also uploaded via video on YouTube. Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study has been on view at SUPERFRONT LA since January 2011. The exhibit opens July 14th 2011 at Marygrove College, Detroit, MI, and will be on view for 2 months. More info here.

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until June 30, 2011.

By uploading a video and submitting a link, you authorize that SUPERFRONT will not be responsible for content, imagery, and other material uploaded for inclusion in the show, that the video conforms to YouTube’s Terms of Use, and that the video does not include confidential or copyrighted material, inappropriate or sensitive material, or intellectual property that is not your own.