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Participate in a flash SUPERFRONT exhibit with AGENCY at the Venice Biennale

Category : Exhibits Oct 20th, 2010

Get your workspace exhibited for 30 seconds at the Venice Biennale

Submit 30 second videos of your workspace to be exhibited in the Venice Biennale in “30S”, a crowdsourced video installation by AGENCY, presented by SUPERFRONT in collaboration with At Work With ( at the Nordic Pavilion

  • Film your primary architectural workspace from a static vantage point, for 30 seconds, during your normal workday.
  • No one should be filmed while working at the workstation.
  • Contributors are encouraged not to edit, alter, or tidy their workspace for purposes of the video, to leave all traces of productivity, personality, and creative expression.
  • Filmed workspaces should be where you spend the most time during the day, and can include computer stations, drafting tables, model shops, fabrication labs, construction sites, classrooms, or a host of other environments conducive to architectural endeavor.
  • Upload exactly 30 seconds of digital video to your account on YouTube, and email a link to your video to with 30S in the subject line. Please send a link only. Video files sent to this address, and links to other online video services will not be reviewed or shown.
  • For crediting purposes, please name your video on YouTube in the following format:


substituting your first name, last name, and location of video in the appropriate spaces

Full credit will be given to all contributors whose videos are shown as part of the exhibit. Exhibit will be on display from October 19, 2010 through the end of the Biennale on November 22, 2010.

Submissions will be reviewed by AGENCY and accepted on a rolling basis through November 21, 2010.