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Call for entries: Detroit (January 2011)

Category : Detroit, Los Angeles Oct 19th, 2010

Cinematographer: Evan Leed

SUPERFRONT LA’s first exhibit of 2011 considers Detroit both as a specific city and as a set of circumstances. Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study invites not so much a comparison of Detroit and Brooklyn but a calculated misreading. How and where might the logics or circumstances of Detroit operate in Brooklyn? At what scale of intervention or performance could Detroit and Brooklyn become indistinguishable?


This exhibit aims to investigate Detroit as not only a given typology – the shrinking city, abandoned city, reclaimed city – but also as an everyday environment, as a specific place with specific moments. To reconfigure the relationship between typology and specificity, we welcome Detroit studies of Brooklyn and Brooklyn studies of Detroit. Through a range of works from multiple disciplines, the exhibit aims to produce a case study (an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context) of a Detroit that may or may not exist.

Artists (visual and performance), architects, planners, urban designers and other practitioners are invited to submit investigations, research, and existing work in any medium.

Call for entries – please submit work for consideration in any format. By email: submit links, text description, or attached files no larger than 2 MB to . By hard-copy, submit to SUPERFRONT BK, c/o Chloë Bass, 476 Jefferson Street #202, Brooklyn, NY 11237. Please do not send original work. If you request that materials be returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. For consideration, all materials must be received by November 22nd.

Architects, artists, urban designers, and planners selected for exhibition will be notified November 30th.

Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study will open at SUPERFRONT LA at the Pacific Design Center in January 2011 (exact date TBA), and will be on view for 4 months.

This exhibit will also include submitted proposals for 25 sq in of real property. See that Request For Proposals (RFP) here: