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Archeography IV designers host fabrication lectures starting April 13

Category : Brooklyn, Event, Exhibits, The Archeography Project Apr 6th, 2009

Come to SUPERFRONT for an open discussion on fabrication and parametric design hosted by Live Architecture Network, the designers of the upcoming ARCHEOGRAPHY IV installation opening April 30th.

April 13th_6:30pm Studio Mode
Mode is a design office that leverages computational expertise through design research, teaching, and consulting. Mode utilizes diverse methodologies including code, associative and relational strategies, as well as digital fabrication in the production of material organizations and the formation of space.
April 16th_6:30pm Zach Downey
Zach of Designalyze and Digital Design Specialist at SHoP Architects, visits LaN Brooklyn’s Rhino Workshop to present his latest GRASSHOPPER work + design contributions to DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS).
April 17th_6:30pm Chris K Palmer
Chris recently taught Geometry in Architecture, an undergraduate design build studio.  Rhino, advanced Grasshopper and RhinoScript were the tools used for modeling, form finding and automated part drafting for CNC fabrication on 3-axis mills and laser cutters. The studio subjects were the language of pattern with an emphasis on Traditional Middle Eastern tilings and the combination of structure and ornament in architecture.

April 30 2009 – June 30 2009
Opening Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 6-9 PM
Live Architecture Network with Biba Bell
Organized by Mitch McEwen and Movement Research Festival 2009: ROLL CALL