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Urban Recycling Plant: Pier 57

Category : Brooklyn Dec 29th, 2008

Urban Recyling Plant – proposal for re-use of Pier 57 in Chelsea (New York City)
developed for Sure We Can, affiliate of Picture the Homeless, non-profit advocate for the rights of homeless New Yorkers

Sure We Can aims to:
… create here in New York City, ‘the’ global model for all entrepreneurial Canner efforts worldwide…to be a beacon for Canners on how to create their own Canner-run, self sustaining redemption centers, not only providing jobs for homeless people who want to work, but, at the same time, eliminating billions of tons of solid waste and the costs of having it go into their waste streams and, instead, getting those valuable materials back into their recycling systems where they can save additional costs and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of 100% new material manufacturing.